do i look like a f***ing people person??

i had the funniest dream today.. i think the dream was partly the way it was ’cause i put up an ad to find a ballroom dance partner.. so he dream was dance related.. i went to some kind of dance-club.. but i have seen this place before in some other dream, which was also dance related.. Reele was there and Erki too.. i had a conversation with Erki about music or something similar.. then Reele had a question about lock-step.. i had shown it to her, but we hadn’t really practiced it.. so Erki tried to teach her, but it wasn’t very successful.. why we were at this dance-club was probably because it was the beginning of a new dance season in that club.. while Erki was trying to teach Reele the lock-step some kind of ceremony started and a brass band marched in.. Erki got out of the way, but Reele was startled.. anyway she got really jumpy and literally tried to jump into a corner.. she was successful at that, but she failed to notice that somehow there was already a  member of the band, siting on the floor.. anyway she sat right on top of him and leaped up a fraction of a second later with a high pitched yell.. she got out of the room, but it seems like she tried to jump into another occupied corner ’cause seconds later i heard another yell and saw her sprint in a different direction.. i don’t know why but it was so damn funny.. probably the funniest thing i have ever seen in my dreams..sorry Reele, but this was really-really funny

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