unchain my heart

i’ve have had to sit on a problem of a sort for a few days now.. and i’m not quite sure how i should react.. i kinda hoped that i’d never have to deal with it again, but it seems it wasn’t my choice to make.. i would have been a lot easier that way.. the case is that Maria is back.. or at least she seems to be trying.. i think i knew that it would happen, but i considered the possibilities to be minimal considering the conversation last fall, but for some reason she seems to be reluctant to give up.. i really can’t think of any reasons why she would want me in her life again or also why she should be in mine.. i have nothing in me to give her and i can’t imagine what she would have for me.. exept that there is our dance-group anniversary coming up i think people expect me to dance with her.. i haven’t made up my mind about that yet, not participating would bring me a lot of unwanted explaining and my trainer would be rather disappointed if i didn’t show her my respect because of a girl i couldn’t make mine..
she did make a lot better approach this time.. that comment she left me was, well rather flattering.. i’ve red it over and over for a few days for now trying to come up with decent solution.. for both of us.. ’cause it hasn’t been my intention to keep hurting her.. it was just that period and after that it was "case closed, lesson taken".. well actually the lesson part got a bit wrong as i turned out.. but i really didn’t want to care any more.. i really don’t know..

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