spectacles, testicles, watch and wallet

the worlds fastest indian – not a bad movie i might say.. sure there were factual errors, but really who would watch a movie about a person, whose life is shown accurate to every tiny detail.. you don’t go all the way to a movie-theatre to see that the hero used to bully his/her tiny brother when he was little or that s/he did drugs and got involved in sm games when in university.. that’s what documentaries are for.. when you actually bother to get your lazy ass up and to a movie-theatre and put it back down with popcorn and coke again then you expect to see humour, shed a tear and hear some point of wisdom from the old man with gray hair and laugh about a kink the hero has.. peeing on a lemon tree for example.. i believe that the movie succeeded extremly well in pointing out that burt was a very charming man and could break ice with anybody.. no matter if it is a suspicious customs officer, transvestite, indian or a lonely woman living by the highway.. half of the movie is about him meeting different and i mean very different people, who all are willing to help him.. was this the case with real burt munro i don’t know, but if half his personality pictured in this movie is true then he was a rather nice chap..

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