drop down and give me twenty, you pathetic maggot

ok that’s it.. i’ve tolerated this for long enough and i wont anymore.. the fact is that i’ve gotten fat.. not as fat as my father, but enough to make me feel uncomfortable.. i won’t turn to some wearing three bricks in my backpack and drinking some odly colored stuff and so on, but some reasonable cardio like swimming in the morning and running in the evening.. NO WEIGHTS that’s for sure.. only bodyweight exercises – push-ups, dips, crunces, pull-ups and so on.. first control period is ’till 6th of july when there’s a boat race, which i have attended for the last few years.. today’s cross-country jog was quite ok.. the credits go to Maie for those dance rehersals.. that seems to keep my heart and lungs in fair condition.. the last nato physical test proved that too with the 2-mile time being under 13 minutes.. and i haven’t done anything  else except dancing..  maybe i’ll post what i’ve done in the end of the week..

if you want something to work on then type in "bodyweight exercises" in youtube for some quite good videos or just google for the same term


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