dancing naked around the bonfire

midsummer night.. same people, new place.. Karla is looking after his grandfathers house while he’s in hospital and we gathered there this year.. very cool place by the lake.. an old house, sauna.. the place needed some prep-work and still need some fixing ’cause the pipes in the sauna are leaking.. party was cool though some bitching excluded (which i was very ashamed of ’cause like WTF?!), but people decided to go home though there was enough BEDS for everyone in the house.. and some people still preferred to sleep in a car or in the tent.. went to sleep at about 4am and woke at noon.. although the place is next to a lake there was no way to jump into the lake from the sauna ’cause the shore was full of reed.. Karla hadn’t cut all the hay so there was a clearing with the hay still high nd we made a bonfire in there.. sitting aroud it after sauna was great ’cause the hay was like a wall around you.. sitting around the fire we talked that we should make a jetty someday.. so in the next day when everybody (the five of us who had remained actually) had eaten Karla proposed that we could start building the jetty right now.. luckily he had all the materials right there so that wasn’t a roblem and after i had fixed a scythe we could start.. we had to clear the path to the lake by cutting the hay and reed, ram some beams to the mud, join them with crossbeams – seven or eight pairs total.. nailing done mostly by your truly standing in the water up to my chest.. join those together with girders and the cover with boarding.. some diagonal beams to reduce the rocking.. so building about 12 meters of jetty took us about 5 hours and there were max 7 of us working.. the final product looks very decent.. the rock steps leading down the slope need some adjustment too.. so now we have to fix the sauna piping and we’re ready for some heavy sauna trips and jumping into the lake from the brand new bridge.. there’ll probably be some more bees coming ’cause the sauna roof needs also fixing and Raul has also bought an old farm house that needs a lot of helping hands..

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