you wanna touch my dinghy?

another rubber-dinghy racecompleted.. on saturday that was.. it was a crazy weekend altogether.. i had to work until 2200 on friday.. on saturday morning i drove to 200km to Võru.. participated in the race.. hanged out with friends a bit and started driving back to Tapa at 2330.. somewhere in the middle of the road i decided that i can’t go on anymore.. drove off the road and slept until 0530 and then continued.. work started at 0700 and ended 2200.. i managed to lose my voice during the marcing drills with the conscripts.. on monday work started again at 0800 and ended 2200 and continued today at 0600 and the week has just started
now about the boat race.. managed to get a new boat from work.. much bigger.. five different air-compartments and everything.. inflated it at silver’s place and took off to the test drive.. felt really good.. more comfortable, better handling.. in the end we discovered a hole.. time was pushing us forward so we ran through the stuff in Karla’s garage and i found something that seemed a suitable thing for fixing.. patched the hole and off to Rõuge we went.. there we found out that we were late.. luckily i had pre-registered us and we got to start in time.. the route itself was longer and therefore that race more difficult.. and i am really out of shape.. the rowing was ok but the running was bad.. really bad.. in the middle was a refreshment point.. i made the mistake of drinking and that drink was so wark and sweet.. it felt almost like eating chocolate in the skimarch we had in finland.. it got pretty tight in the finish line and i heard the placenumber 28 yelled out to the team few places behing us.. so we guessed that we’re about 25-26.. i totally forgot to check the results because of work and great was my surprise when Silver, my team-mate, told that we finished 18th.. best place ever..
now here are my results of all the times i have participated.. in the parenthesis are the total number of attendants and then time
2002  33. (44) 47:34 teamed with Mihkel Jõgeda
2003  26. (50) 41:46 teamed with Rivo Teppo
2004 didn’t participate because of school probably
2005  57. (76) 50:16 teamed with Tanel Niine
2006  42. (74) 43:35 teamed with Silver Tulik (winner’s time 30:12)
2007  18. (72) 44:45 teamed with Silver Tulik (winner’s time 37:15)
this year the distance was longer therefore the difference in time
and we’ll be there next year too

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