what if say nothing that matters

when i started a month ago i didn’t think that i’d enjoy ballroomdancing so much.. of course it’s hard sometimes, especially with the latin dances, but i’m getting better every time.. the slow-waltz routine is almost complete and it’s freaking awesome.. you might think that it’s all just slow and graceful, but there are so many of those 2and3 moments that you just wonder how your feet don’t get into a not and you don’t fall with your partner.. it’s true what they say about dancing with your feet not with your head.. and dancing being a natural movement of body.. i feel that i’ve gotten some of the moves from my head to my feet so i don’t even have to think about making a step.. and Nadja is fun.. she has danced ballroom a lot more than i and keeps telling me what i do wrong, pointing out  how my feet should should be positioned and hands aligned and so on.. we are getting a bit further from the plain steps already.. it was agood idea for me to go straight to the advanced class not the beginners one.. though i might lack of some technical aspects, but i’ll get those.. i wonder why didn’t i start earlier.. probably because folk-dancing was fun enough, but that seems to be changing.. don’t know for sure..

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