meanwhile under water..

the conscripts had their first visiting weekend and barely seeing that amount of candy and chocolate and beverages heir parents and friends brought them made my stomach go wild.. i mean if i could have had that in one pile i probably wouldn’t have had any room left in my office where to stand.. measuring in kilograms and liters that’s for sure.. the quote of the day comes from a little girl, who got tired of walking around the parking lot, saying: " why do we have to make so many rounds?" that sounded so absolutely pure that it totally made my day
the viennese ball is next saturday and we had a practice with the clothes.. and i so enjoy wearing a tailcoat.. it’s a borrowed one, but even so it really makes you stand straight and look proud.. with some little adjustments or even a tailcoat tailored just for me would make it even more so.. making or even renting a new one is damn expensive though, but after you have it on then there’s only one thing that could make a man look better Näitab keelt hints have been made that there might be a chance for me to "look better" in not so distant future and considering the source i couldn’t look any better after that Lai naeratus

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