at least you have a name

nolan whyte is a writer, artist and musician living in toronto. he
travels, he procreates, he writes rock and roll novels for "ug".. that was from his profile.. i’ve been reading the things he writes starting with the first part of "in the van on comeback road" and going through all the 40 parts of it..  that took for about a year to read and i anticipated every part of it.. great reading..
now he has started a new novel titled "guitargasm!" different story, but at least as promising as the first one.. there was this  passage in the first part that i liked, because it seems to reflect something  very familiar to me.
it goes like that 
"…. Jay stamps out his cigarette and the two
brothers re-enter the back room of The Station. Although they share the
same features, they two young men couldn’t be more different. Jay walks
in with confidence, a slender but muscular frame, head held up. Danny
slinks in behind him, skinny and hunched over. Everything about him
hangs: his shoulder length brown hair, his baggy clothes, his head…."
i think that describes about half of the younger brothers today – slinks, skinny and hunched  – they’re all like that.. and the worst is that girls are like that too.. ok that’s totally different subject..
about nolan whyte.. he really writes great stuff about playing, musicians, music and so on.. check out his website for more

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