so this is xmas… and what have you done

i have received some xmas greeting today.. as a matter of fact i received one while i was writing this post.. from Vova – thank you.. and no i’m not gonna answer  those.. not because i don’t care or something, but.. i just don’t..

some cool things i’ve seen..  driving today to Rakvere i saw a fox standing by the road.. checking the road to be sure if it’s clear to cross….   walking home few evenings back a door opened i could see figure standing in the light.. it was a girl with bare thighs and huge furry slippers.. she bended her leg from the knee to hold the door from closing and checked the mailbox.. very cool.. today at the cemetery i saw two brothers standing at a grave bareheaded in a moment of silence and memories..

cemeteries are so cool at many lights flickering.. so many people walking around in silence, meeting, shaking hands.. my grandpa asked me what i think of going to church on xmas eve.. we are definitely not a family of religion and as i recall we have been in church only once with family, but today as i was walking between graves with my granny i had a sudden urge to go to a one.. just to sit and think for a while.. and NO i’m not turning religious..

and i’m rather lonely this xmas ’cause i have to work on 25th and therefore come to Rakvere on 24th and miss my grandma’s birthday party and as it turned out 24th would have been perfect day to work

my youngest brother i gonna become a ladies man for sure ’cause he already is getting rather slick with those two girls living at our place in the weekends..


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