staring at the funeral scene

i have at least one mouse at my place.. at first that it was doing that there were some crumbles and a teabag torn to pieces around the garbage bin.. then one day i went through the box where i keep rice and pancake flour and instant soups.. and to my dismay a little bastard had chewn a hole into all the tomato soup bags, a tunnel through the noodles.. and i keep those things on the upper shelf.. but it seems it takes a particular interest in tea cause the manages to get the used tea bag out and pour all the contents around the bin.. no harm done until it keeps his teeth away from the fridge and unused teabags.. but it sure as hell wont keep on feeding on my noodles.. i’ll be booby trapping that place like it is the damn Vietnam and as two cats are constantly roaming under my window i’ll try to catch one and put it into the cupboard.. that’ll teach those little rodents a lesson..

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