spring came yesterday night.. in the evening the airfield was covered in snow, but when i started after supplies in the morning it was all gone.. nice.. last year spring came on the second field exercise in here.. considering the shitty winter we had it’s no surprise..
the day started perfectly.. woke up and the sun was shining, temperature was very spring-like and no wind.. decided that it’s no or never for the field march recce.. quick supplies and off we went.. the track itself was very nice, small paths, wooden stairs and bridges over swampy area.. very well planned and executed.. on the other half we found a giant boulder over 2 meters high and shaped like a box.. i got some pictures also.. after 17 km we reached a old mansion and decided to call it a day.. and that’s where shit hit the fan and the bad news just kept coming and coming and they are still coming..
the position change in the night wasn’t a total success also ’cause men were tired and quite zombie-like.. and nco wasn’t quite handling the situation.. i’ ve seen it before, where men just stand around something and no-one does nothing.. the one needs to do at those moments is to be very firm and lead the men one-by-one.. telling each men what they have to do.. using names and constantly checking what they are doing and if they are doing it right.. i had one man driving three times around the camp before he understood what he had to do.. others tried to raise a tent in two different locations with three men instead getting together and raising tents one-by-one with six men.. before the march i felt tired and sleepy, but running around made me feel refreshed, capable.. i think that might have been one of the reasons why the men were "zombies".. sitting in a warm cabin, with heater working on full power.. no wonder they feel sleepy..

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