hours counting backwards

introducing woman to fall in love with – Freya Hoffmeister.. check her out and if you’re into kayaking and eskimo rolls then there’s a chance that she’ll be in Estonia after the Paatsalu open-sea marathon to give you a lesson..

talking about marathons.. two weeks from now there’s Võhandu marathon for paddlers – canoes, kayaks, single and double.. held for the third time.. more information about it from here.. in Estoninan though.. distance 93km starting on 19th April at 0700.. the goal is to reach the finish before it’s completely dark and of course not to trip over.. teamed up with Silver, with whom i’ve participated in several boat races – once per year.. took a test drive on Sunday, ’cause i’ve never even sat in a canoe and his last time was about a decade ago.. no additional test-drives are planned, but i’ll probably try to work with my physical ’cause there’s the Estonian Army Triathlon coming up in June.. not that i’m actively doing any sports but still..


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