the tv, the mice and the guitar player

i don’t watch tv.. i don’t own one and don’t plan to get own in close future.. though i occasionally happen to be in front of on e when i’m in Võru.. last time i happened" i saw two minutes of commercials and i got disgusted.. that might also be because we don’t have any decent channels, but only the Estonian ones and those are mostly crap.. still i like some tv-series – friends, allo-allo, so you think you can dance and some more from the past, but recently i have watched scrubs, the big bang theory and today i started with skins
while most of them are just pure fun then the latter i might like the most if i get into it.. can’t say wh.. just the feeling

and i caught the mouse today.. came home.. heart it rattle in a box in the lower cupboard.. selvä! i thought.. ’cause i have seen it happen before then i assumed that next step would be for the mouse to sprint from behind the fridge toward it’s lair.. so i waited.. one eye looking at the corner and the other for something to catch the pest with.. minutes passed and nothing.. so i made a canal for it to direct the mouse out of the door and out of my life.. nothing.. then it rattled again.. i knew that it was the oat-meal box it had emptied some time ago.. when the rattling continued and got more and more anxious i slowly opened the cupboard door expecting the mouse instantly to jump out.. when door opened and nothing happened but some more rattling i knew that it was the end of my troubles.. mouse was trapped in the box because it was rather high.. victory grin and quickly out with the box i went.. away from the door and the box i emptied.. about a pound of  buckwheat and the mouse fell town and that was the last of it i truly hope.. and hat the cat gets it before the cold..

tomorrow is Tommy Emmanuel playing in Estonian concert hall


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