blind and black should make you blue

so.. Tommy Emmanuel gave a concert yesterday.. i have heard his music quite a bit, watched videos and some concerts.. but being there, 30 meters from him with the vibration of the strings violating so pleasantly my ears was something unbelievable.. his attitude, performance, stage-presence all so big but still friendly.. starting with "since we met" and going through songs like "angelina", "questions", "endless road", "Beatles medley" and "initiation".. i grinned a lot that’s for sure every time i heard something familiar.. probably the best two hours of my life.. the highlight would definitely be the percussion solo featuring every possible place on his guitar and slapping the mic with drum rod.. he get a mean bass drum sound out of that guitar of his.. and initiation.. when i heard it from the record i didn’t quite get it.. but after hearing what’s it all about then it’s a mean piece of art.. and initiation from the record isn’t half as good as the one played in live.. hope to hear him back in Estonia soon as he promised..

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