master of the middle finger

this has become a very sport orientated blog – nothing bad about it though, but preparing for the triathlon makes sport a important part of my everyday life..

still – met up with Lefty after a so long time to jam for a bit. No Neeme this time but Hans instead. Played some stoner rock stuff this time – very cool although i haven’t played properly for more than a year now and my fingers felt like it too. Unfortunately Lefty broke 5th after 1,5 hours so that was it. Checked out Lefty’s Ford too, but that things needs a lot of work. Ears are still whistling 😀

Bought also Suunto t1. Took about 30 minutes to get used with the menus and personalize it and then it was already time for evening training. Today i had 30 minutes of cycling and 30 minutes of running – that’s about 14km and 5km. As i now have the t1 then the info is going to be more detailed from now on.

Cycling – violet on the map
dist 13,3/time 31min/average 25,7/hr (heart rate) 143
running – blue on the map
dist 5,4/time 30min/hr 168

time 1:04:56 has the time it took to change from cycling gear to running gear included
calories burned 729 – not a very informative or interesting fact for me
average heart rat 156bpm
max heart rate 217bpm – that like WOW! gotta check how normal that is

HR peaked up in the last two km of running, but as i felt normal i went on. Running wasn’t difficult though there was no speed. I should be able to do the 4,2 in under 20 minutes. Maybe i could have done it faster, but according to the plan i should keep my hr at 135bpm. Yeah right! According to the t1 i’m in a really shitty shape. Now – at three hours after i’m down to 70bpm.

Did some running yesterday also
dist 6,9/time 40min

now playing: ignorabimus – master and servant


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