week 25

training summary


S: 8’13+813-126  – best times so far although it didn’t feel like it while swimming
C: 38,36km / 1:19’45 / 28,8km/h / 52km/h / 153bpm / 168bpm – great feeling while cycling, one ascent still a killer


S: 7’43+? – total surprise after the first leg, unfortunately messed up with the watch so no idea if it was a s fast back, felt so anyway
O: Kadaja gravel pit  M21E 7,6km / 1:42’49 – one big time screw-up ~10 minutes, rainy, ended in thigh deep mud once 😀


since first competition is in almost two weeks then i decided to intensify my training a bit – Morning/Evening

: 8’04+7’35-15’39 – downwind helped a lot when coming back, seems like next goal is under 15 minutes
ES: 7’33+7’43-15’16 – great, great, great and cycling right after swimming today
C: 35,74 / 1:15’43 / 28,2km/h / 50,5km/h – leg to Haanja still difficult, because of the constant ascent, but from there pure pleasure


MS: 7’50+8’10-16’01 – rather unexpected
ES: 7’26+7’56-15’23 – better, but hoper under 15 minutes after the first leg
R: 12km / 1:08’28 / 165bpm / 199bpm – felt rather good, heart rate climbed to 200 twice, but then went back down, breathing was ok


a triatlonish day

ES: 7’44+7’52-15’36
C: 16,5km / 34’48min / 28,3km/h / 51km/h / 146bpm
R: 6,1km / 31,23min / 178bpm

TOTAL: 1:25’07 / 159bpm / 202bpm didn’t feel so bad at all – at least i know that i con make it – speed is still a problem, especially in running

now playing: blind guardian – and then there was silence


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