feeling of suffocation

Vacation ends today. I spent all three weeks at home in Võru. Today when i left i felt like escaping from there and i felt like i wanted, needed to escape. I hurried so much that even my parents noticed.
The fact is that i grew so tired of the constant attention that i cramped every time when my father approached me ’cause i knew that now comes a long story about his plans. I remember one morning few days ago when i was having my breakfast and hadn’t properly woken up yet when dad came and drew a whole newspaper page full about the things he had decided to change about the new granary we have started to build, but the thing is that i had no clear picture of the thing before and i felt that i understood not a single word he said.
Mother was preparing the food she wanted me to take with – probably would have packed a whole months supply if i hadn’t resisted. But i felt like screaming occasionally, but also helpless before my mothers love. She makes me feel like a little child, but to her i’ll always be one.

but i love them both so much..

i came home yesterday night and sneaked in through the garage. opened the garage door and saw some dude sleeping among the usual stuff you might find in garages, with a bucket at his side – wtf!? turned out to be a friend of my brothers who couldn’t handle the midsummer nights festivities.
now playing: staind – open your eyes


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