god damn what a game. since i have no tv i grew a bit worried about the Germany-Turkey semi-final, i was already preparing to "watch the game through a online sports blog, but then not a minute too soon i recalled a sports-pub in Rakvere. So into the car, into town, into the pub, quick score check 0-0, orange juice, a place to sit and Turkey goes 0-1 on ’22.. wtf?! WTF?! but four minutes after that Schweinsteiger saves the day on ’26.. while Boral’s goal was more like a Lehmann’s mishap then the one by Scweinsteiger executed Podolski’s pass brilliantly. Then there were those broadcast problems and then they say that Klose has made 2-1 on ’78 while the TV was showing black screen and the picture comes back just in time to show Senturk making the score 2-2 on ’86 wtf?! WTF?! Himmelgott!! And again through Lehmann’s sausage fingers. And then the main man through all the games Lahm comes and scores 3-2 on ’90 with a brilliant combination with Hitzlsberger and Germany goes to the final finally. Lahm has performed really good  through all the games and he really deserved that goal, but the overall performance of German team was rather poor – so many mistakes, wrong passes and Lehmann who sometimes saves the most impossible shots, but then again let’s the ones like Turkey turned into goals rattle his cage. Fuck that wasn’t even close to rattling the cage, more like taking candy away from a baby. I really hope that they pull themselves together for the final like they did against Portugal. Now that was one mean game. Russia-Spain tomorrow.

one more thing
Tried to find a good swimming place near Rakvere and took a test dive in on lake near Tapa. Damn that was cold, i managed about three minutes and then my legs were going really numb. That was just awful. Must have a lot of springs coming into that lake. Then i managed to take a know-your-countryside tour around Neeruti. Awesome landscape though.


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