rummaging through your underwear

Viitna triathlon

250m + 12km + 3,4km

swimming – 5’10 – swallowed some water during the first 100 meters, but other ways was quite ok – if losing to the winner with more than a minute can be considered ok

T1 – messed up with the shoes – didn’t really have to tie the laces

bike 22’09 – time spent in T1 running included. Got going rather nice – average speed ~32km/h.. one dude hooked up with me and drove  the whole time in my wind – that’s not the way to play it :@

T2 – rather fast – total time spent in transition areas  ~1’50 or so

running – 15’39 – legs weren’t that great; stayed in a group of five most of the time,  but had to let 3 of them go about 300 meters before finish line

official time (transition areas included in bike time) 5’18+ 23’33 + 15’39 – 44’30,1

placing in total defense forces ranking 30 of 56
placing in defense forces men 15/19

haven’t found any pictures though 😦


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