strangers have the best candy

9th Otepää MTB marathon – 56 km of long and steep ascents and rather dangerous descents. Of course i came down from them like any other man, but ever present was the thought that falling at this speed would be very unpleasant and would probably hurt like hell. The first ~28km were quite ok – managed to keep a decent average speed and climb up most of the ascents. But then it suddenly went very difficult so when i was reaching the second drinking station i was quite toasted. From that point onward it went quite steadily, but not very fast. of ten i had no strength to stand while going down those steep hills. Somebody commented that it was quite funny to watch people coming up an asphalt hill with head below handlebars 😀  i think that was me too sometimes. Weather was very lucky ’cause it rained like hell when we started from Rakvere, but fortunately it was dry at the race. It would have been fucking dangerous if the track would have been wet and probably less crowded also. Fortunately i had no collisions. I planned to make it through in 2:30 or so but that proved to be impossible for me and it took 2:49 instead.
Although i thought quite a few times "WTF am i doing here?!" while on the track, i’m satisfied that i made it through and while i’m bound to wonder "WTF am i doing here?!" again very soon then i have already registered to another mtb marathon taking place on 17th August in Rakke and there are at least two more coming this year. This weekend also a triathlon in Elva.

the last one in the picture
now playing : mr. lawrence – peace, love & luxury


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