searching the alphabet for letters

8th Rakke MTB marathon – second time and more wiser. No going at full
sped right from the beginning – a smart choice ’cause i had no time to
warm up arriving at the location just 20 minutes before the start.
There were concerns about the track when the weather is wet turning th
ground muddy and quite unpleasant when you’re starting from the end of
line. I almost bought mud tires, but would have had no time to install
them anyway. Although i have raced only twice starting from the end is
not actually my place – too many people walking on the ascents where i
would have been able to ride up, but  because of them i couldn’t. I
started with number 1208 and in the middle i was in 745th place. But it
wasn’t bad because after 15 km or so the crowd thinned down. What is
weird is that a lot of people prefer to ride behind each other using
exactly the same track and so it was like a 1,5m wide track on a
hayfield and everyone is using just 20cm of it. That means a whole
meter for me to pass them Open-mouthed. Thank you very much.

it didn’t get really tough until 10km ’till the finish line. then i
started to feel tired and there weren’t many people to catch up with so
that made it hard mentally. Other ways it was a good race.

Dist 59km (61 according to my computer)

Time 3:35

Average speed 17,5km/h – that’s a bit weak i think

Placing 683 of 839 finishing and 419 of 508 in M21 group

Another one coming up in the end of August in my current hometown – Rakvere

now playing: ivo krustok – more & more (f. helene)


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