2nd oscar-mike

Conscripts had their basic training course field march. This year some jackass decided that there’s no need to create competition between squads and platoons was divided into two groups based on their own decision – "stronger" and "the rest". I went with the first group.

The total distance was 45 km and it took 13 hours pauses included – without pauses about 10:45. Some went to painkillers after the first leg of 11,5 km and complained to be "zombies" after the first 20 km. That’s a bit weak i think – yes the pace was fast, but they kept it up and if you think you’re fucked up after 10 km then you’d better think what could you feel after 30 when a lot of the distance is yet to be covered.

There were men in the group who could have made it a lot faster, but we had to wait for those who were slower because of an injury or exhaustion.
In the last 3 km we had another group creeping up from behind, but we managed to stay ahead.

No-one from my group gave up or gave away some of their equipment. Everybody had full gear, weapon and helmet. Some didn’t have full gear on doctors orders. But the gang did great and i’m pleased


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