screw you! – bite me!

Man on wire – in addition to the pure craziness of the idea of walking a tightrope between the two tower of world trade center i liked that french-like passion how he explained the idea, planning, prep-work. I liked how he shared the hours before and after the act. Guy would make a fantastic storyteller. I liked how almost complete strangers were willing to help him instead going: " wtf?! you’re fucking crazy! i’m calling the cops."

 I wonder if he thought after learning about 9/11 the he would be the only one ever to accomplish such a feat. No on could ever best him by trying something even more crazy like unicycling over a tightrope there.

Jeff Dunham – Arguing with myself – probably the best from him. Walter and Peanut are freaking awesome. Didn’t like Bubba J that much – the jokes were great, but he doesn’t seem like a character – just someone throwing punchline answers. but Walter and Peanut are real characters – they really live nad don’t seem to need Jeff at all – other to hold them up


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