grooming standards

recently it came to me that i tend to be very critical towards some people and often even bitch a lot. Like presenting problems to my CO to give him hard time, ’cause i don’t like him – and that’s a polite way to say it. I could probably handle those problems on my own, but i think that my solutions would him not in a very good light in front of the conscripts. I even get the urge to try how cocky can i go without him flipping – i’ve pushed the limits quite far. He’s just so fucking weak

I started watching "generation kill" all over again and that’s just awful how fucked up that is. But i guess it might be portraited like that, because Wright was cruising with grunts and wrote more about their point of view. If he’d been with Godfather or Encino Man then it would have been a totally different thing and i might be thinking that the low level grunts are incapable and idiots.


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