a parking ticket

the week in Tartu was satisfying though i didn’t manage to hook up with Lefty for a jam, but better planing next time.

got "the song of ice and fire: a feast of crows" by accident – sad to see that the book prices have gone up, because of the shitty situation with our economy

went to see "australia" – King George was awesome beyond everything, but the rest of the movie was rather boring. You gotta give 5/5 points to the nature – that’s just insanely beautiful – makes one forget about bank loans and just jump the godddamn plane to catch the lost continent. What also was great of at least good about this movie was Nicole Kidman – she looked very different. I was actually in doubt weather it’s Kidman at all sometimes – maybe it was the hair, but at least on this picture she’s great. And as said – exclude nature, King George and Kidman and you’ve got nothing but typical Hollywood heroism, cliches and it’s-so-sweet-i-wanna-puke romance

finished reading a diary about how estonian’s climbed everest – great feat by them definately, but it seemed like not very well planned expedition. A very low budget thing. A thing i noticed was that Alar Sikk who was the only estonian from the group to reach the summit wasn’t mentioned almost at all until the rest of the gang gave up or understood that they won’t make it and started pushing those more capable so at least some members would reach the goal. but hey! – who am i to talk about montains and heights with my under 3k walk up to Pachnes. At least at the moment.

currently reading "into the wild" by Jon Krakauer – the book on which a movie, with the same title, ws recently made. Gotta finish reading this and then watch the movie again. Too much thoughts there.


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