12 electric chairs

filled my theatrical events quota yesterday.. went to see "12 chairs" originally written by Ilja Ilf and Jevgeni Petrov in Rakvere Theater. I remember seeing the movie a long time ago and i remembered some scenes from  there – thrashing through the chairs, something about the riverboat, chess and the death of Bender. Wht i liked most was how the actors themselves were moving around with the props and really using them – main elements being suitcases and about 6-7 big screens. The latter were moved around constantly to create different rooms and walls, divide space and so on. now comes a question – how to depict 5 people swept overboard into the river on stage?
what i found interesting was that at some point they lifted the curtains so one could see backstage and the stage felt rather big. how decieving is that – i have danced on that stage few times and you can barely fit 8 couples on there.
And i have to get that book and movie also – i have a birthday in october 😛 anybody?!

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