thorns without a rose

I finally received first half of my Corsica map. Though it’s in a weird scale 1:60k it’s detailed enough. As I am planning to follow the GR20 track then i don’t have to do much planning, but still enough if I plan to visit some sights nearby the track – like Monte Cinto, la Grotte des Anges and so on. Hope the other half of the map won’t take that long to arrive ’cause the clock is ticking and the counter shows 63 days, 14 hours, 16 minutes currently.Ordered a new compact camera to get some stills and something to show at home to the family. based on the price i went for the Panasonic DMC-TZ4. For some extre ponds it could have been TZ5, but they say that it’s HD video isn’t that good and i can live with a 2,5′ screen instead of 3′ also.

Some movies that i have watched recently: Bolt was funny but with a shitty ending, Igor was boring, Shrek the Halls is hilarious, RocknRolla very good, The Darjeeling Limited also worth the time, Waltz with Bashir and Body of Lies will be also saved for future use, didn’t get The Wrestler.


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