hurt me plenty and cuff me up

i’ve never have had to use physical violence on conscripts.. until today. I’ve wanted to, but that’s not worth it. We had this guy who kinda flipped and refused to anything he was told. he had already spent the weekend in a lockup so we had had enough. He hadn’t been violent or anything yet, but we were ordered to put him in handcuffs. That wasn’t any problem. We isolated him into a smaller room where he decided that it was more comfortable with his hands in front of him. When we tried to gey his hands behind his back again and opened one of the cuffs he began to resist. So we wrestled for a while – two against one, but it didn’t work out very well. So when i had him in somewhat secured position, captain called for another man and we managed to close the cuffs. Had to use some not very pleasant moves for him to get him calmed down. Trying to resist would have been really painful so he jst cursed some ja puffed. Tied his legs and fixed the cuffs around his waist so he wouldn’t try anything while he was driven back to the lockup facility. Back to the cell he had been released not much more than 12 hours ago.
So that’s the downside of my job. Having to wrestle with morons who prefer criminal record to washing his car. I’m not violent in action, but i would have loved to smash his head into a wall today.

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