the mtb season has kicked off for me too and i’ve taken part in two competitions already – Mulgi and Rõuge, both part of the Elion Cup. Finished both with average results. The first one – Mulgi was more difficult as i had a hammer after 40km, but it got better in the end. The second one i liked more – much faster and more interesting, although i got some minor cramps in the last 5 or so km. Both races were about 60km long and it took about average 3:30 to reach the finish line. The long term goal is to get the time near the 3h mark. Next race might be tomorrow in Paluküla, next weekend there’s a road bike race and week after that the third race of Elion Cup. The bad thing is that there are triathlon and bike events at same dates so i’ll have to choose where to participate.And i’ve got two weeks before leaving for Corsica. 😀


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