shortcut to fully grown

Diving in Äntu lakes this weekend. On Friday went down for a night dive. Started about 9pm and didn’t see a living thing or an hour. But it was still very cool ’cause the colors are like more intensive when using a flashlight. I saw a small twig and just watched it for a while. My buddy went out after an hour, but as I had plenty of air left I decided to look around more. And then it got really interesting. I was peeking into every hole and under the riverbank, where the big holes are. First I saw a red crayfish then a blue one just hanging around not really caring about me pointing at them with my flashlight. Then a bass probably sleeping, a roach still swimming around minding his own things, a small pike. And I kept going and going to see what’s behind the corner until air dropped to 60bar and it was time to turn back. It was pitch dark by then and the sky was perfectly clear. A very cool moment in my life. On my way back I saw another grayfish. The previous one’s were moving rather slowly, but this speciment didn’t like me hovering above him, closed it’s claws in front of him and took off – backwards. I was under water about 2 hours that night and really regretted not having a underwater camera. After some chatting with other diver I went to sleep under the starry sky.
Next day we planned to look around in the Green lake and also in the White lake. The first one looked like a small, not very interesting pond, but turned out to be more like an aquarium. First I saw a dead crayfish and the some schools of bass and roach. As the sky was again clear and sun high then the visibility was awesome.  The floor was mostly bare, but at one spot the was luscious algae growing and there a saw a really big pike – probably the boss in that lake. i got rather close, but then it took off. A very nice place to see a lot of fish. What surprised me the most was that the fish really don’t care about divers. Ok they wont’ let you pet them, but they just hang around.
The White lake is probably the coolest of the three, ’cause it has a lot of vegetation growing in the bottom. And I mean plants like 4 meters high forming almost like a forest with passages and a lot of fish swimming around in there. Again basses, roaches and a great pike. Unfortunately a lot of trash too. I’m definitely planning to go back for a night dive in there. And I still have to find time for my National Geographic Diver dives. Unfortunately the seas are getting more and more rough.

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