pain is temporary. pride is forever

I started reading "One bullet away: The making of a marine officer." by Nathaniel Fick. For those who the name is unknown then I suggest to watch "Generation Kill" or read the book with the same title by Evan Wright or just google about it if the previous seem like too much effort for your lazy pacifist asses. In the first chapter Fick tells about his OCS week, where he and his fellow candidates were yelled and humiliated and tested by sergeants. All this to select out the best. This testing, sorting out men, pushing them to the limits to see if they are worth of anything or break under pressure is what is missing in Estonian Army. Because conscription is mandatory we have a lot of people here who don’t want to serve their country because they are lazy, too comfortable or just too big pussies to handle themselves. It’s much easier to go to university, drink beer and wave a diploma. What I would like to have a unit where men have to push hard to be in that unit, where I would have to push hard to be in that unit because the men want and I want to be in that unit. Let’s face it – serving your compulsory time isn’t that hard – if you are worth it then you’ll make it to the NCO training. The other choice is to become a driver. Lot of young men prefer that choice, because the taxpayer will cover the cost of the driving license and they only consider the material values. But that’s just money. As a NCO one gets’ an experience of leading men in situations that he’ll get from nowhere. It’s bad that we can’t promote men into units that are played out as being the best. It’s hard to keep men motivated. Weekend passes shouldn’t be what makes things work – it should be something from the inside – a will to stand up, to be ready to suffer sleep deprivation, cold and fucking morons for companions – not a slip of paper allowing to get drunk. Own foult lies in the society surrounding these young boys: not many people mind if their future employee admits that he has skipped conscription lying to a doctor of whatever. I would ask those fuckers to close the door from the outside. Parents are also somewhat guilty – I understand that a lot of fathers of these guys facing the chance to skip conscription have served in Soviet army and have therefore no pride of serving "their country" to pass on. But for fucks sake – one could at least try.


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  1. atatatat

    Amen! I have little or none to add!Lot of it is in our hands and we will push some limits next week!

    October 13, 2009 at 10:03 am

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