you shoved me

Went diving on Thursday night to be part of
the 5th Night Dive Event. The gear was free so why not.
The idea itself is pretty cool – to get as much divers go down at
the same time at night as possible. It might get quite extreme in
some places – like in Estonia you might think. Going into the cold
water in December in dark. But it could be very cool. I say could
because I didn’t find the attended event very well organized. The
place was very muddy and there was about 50 divers so the visibility
was about 1m max. The diving clubs tried to organize people, but it
didn’t work out very well. The time chosen was quite clever
actually ‘cause it was full moon and it could even been seen
through the clouds. Like I said – a good idea carried out with low
quality. Maybe better next time.


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