window of broken glass

17 days left ‘till the Lapland adventure and I’m watching another man’s adventure roughly about the same area only much higher up north. Lars Monsen is the name and he spent a whole year in the Nordkalotten region camping, walking around, canoeing, joining in with a elk hunt and meeting a bear scientist so far. He is mostly alone if you don’t count the dog and is filming different places and activities.

The filming part can be tricky ‘cause when you have a camera in hand your attention is divided, one hand is occupied and it could get tricky sometimes. The other thing is setting up shots. He seem to be carrying a rather heavy load – a canoe for instance. So if he’d want to take a shot of himself passing by he’d have to go once to set up the camera, then go back and make the passing and hopefully the take was OK. I might be getting a lot of ideas from the show. He also shares his experience on various subjects and is just plain cool and easygoing. The series is up in YouTube of course and the Norwegian TV has uploaded the show in high quality via torrent

Here’s the first episode on YouTube

And the link to torrents

Thanks for the hint go to hikinginfinland 

As for my own adventure in Finland – i’m almost set to go. Gotta get my hands on some items yet, but they are mostly just waiting for me to pick them up.


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