you wouldn’t want to live here

Finished reading the third book of the adventures of French and Koulu by Indrek Hargla. Book is called The travels of French and Koulu. And it’s was great. I practically devoured it. Had me laughing so hard like never. The first two or three chapters were kinda slow, but hey – you just can’t be cool and super funny for the whole 300 pages. There were so many twists and messing up and confusion that it reached almost the line where absurdity begins, but that worked fine. Sadly it doubt that there will be a fourth book. There would be no point and it would be like milking an dead cow. I have no doubt that Hargla could write it or that it would be funny as hell again, but that would not make sense.

Watched kiss-kiss-bang-bang also. Falls into that snatch, lock-stock and rocknrolla crazy who’s-just-fucked-who-and-she’s-really-a-he type of movie. Entertaining though. I think Kilmer and Downey worked great as a couple. Not like kind of a couple you homophobe, although the was this moment.



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