chase for the snow lynx

Another great weekend spent outdoors with friends in the beautiful nature of Southern-Estonia. The goal was to reach the 20 highest peaks in Võrumaa. Their absolute height from sea is 5751 and one has to climb at least 754 vertical meters. That’s a lot in our relatively flat country. This feat is called Snow Lynx trail. There’s no official path marked or particular order in which you have to reach each peak only the peaks are marked with a sign.


The plan was to start at my place and first ski about 10 km south and start with Vällamägi and then go southwards. We’d use army skis, ’cause regular cross-country skis aren’t suitable for this kind of trip and there was a lot of snow so going on foot would have been very slow. And with skis you can score some sweet descents. We had to climb many peaks without skis ’cause it would have been rally stupid to try to get up there with them.

Planned to leave the biggest – Suur Munamägi and the 7 southernmost of peaks for the next day, but it played out that we had to leave two more for Sunday. Although we made a little extra loop to reach Tsärdsomägi everything went smoothly. We finished the first day in dark at my brothers place. Everyone was pleasantly tired, but satisfied. So in the end of the first day we had bagged in the following order –  Vällamägi, Tsärdsomägi, Kaldõmägi, Papisöödumägi, both peaks of Mustikamägi, Kulliperämägi, Lukumägi, Haragamägi and Kivestmägi.

lumeilves '10 005 lumeilves '10 006 lumeilves '10 018

lumeilves '10 0165

The next morning everybody felt a lot better than expected and soon we were on our way. The first 5 went smoothly, but we spent some more time looking for 6 and 7 ’cause going through the dense vegetation was quite difficult with skis. There was so much snow that it had pressed a lot of trees to the ground. Three last were easy enough. We finished at the looking tower of Suur Munamägi.

lumeilves '10 0285

lumeilves '10 033 lumeilves '10 035  

lumeilves '10 039

The weather was near to perfect although we saw sun only on the second day. Temperature was near –10C and very little wind.

And as expected – we made a lot of plans for the future trips.

lumeilves '10 040


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