i’ll be your perfect little punching bag

The ski trip last weekend was great – could have been awesome but messed it up. I didn’t get to the planned sleeping place, but i managed to find another almost as good. Our Forest Service does an amazing job putting up the recreational places for picnics and camping. I arrived in rather dark and decided to stay there. Got the fire going and although the hut was far from warm, it was cozy enough. Dinner and into the sleeping bag at 10. Didn’t get was very decent nights sleep ’cause had to check and add wood.  Felt rested enough in the morning.

. P1000444 P1000443

Got up rather late in the morning. Actually I was up, but it looked dark still through the door so I stayed snug in my sack ’till it was getting lighter. Wrong move as it turned out. At first i managed to follow the path pretty good and there was a sledge path to follow. As I had to leave it the going got really hard. The snow is knee deep and it’s very hard to assess your speed our distance. After some time enjoying the nature I found the path again.


On the other side there was soon a sledge track again and the going went easy. The sun came out and it was just perfect. Soon I reached the hut planned for my actual first night.


After reaching this point I decided that I probably won’t make it to the next planned camping place and headed to my car.


As I suddenly had no better plans I still decided to go to Varessaare, but by car and see if I could get some pictures of sunset. The house at Varessaare is in very good condition and definitely a place worth to visit. Lots of room and a great view nearby. And I found something very nice inside – just opposite to the door leading out. Never seen the ice crystals so big before – they were like 7cm long and 3 wide.



An now to the sunset. I have never seen a place with so many planes constantly flying over. Provided me with cool lines over the sky.


So it was a blast, but I’ll have to get out there again ’cause I planned this trip a lot longer and couldn’t make it with the first time. So I try again.


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