ice pick me

Did some ice climbing today. It was a part of the hiking lessons I occasionally attend. Basically the idea was to get some basic knowledge what to do when you end up at a ice wall and you’re equipped with your usual walking crampons and ice axe. Some talk about crampons, which was repeating for me but still good to go over again. Same goes about ice axes. Avalanches or belaying or glaciers wasn’t covered.

Did some belayed climbing, practiced a little with a jumar and descending using the eight tool. Also had a go with monsters – tools specialized for ice climbing. The difference between climbing with those or using a regular ice axe is like night and day.

Although the event itself was a great one there were things that would bring down the rating. The teacher/student ratio for example. A lot of time was spent waiting for your turn and it wasn’t very comfortable considering the blizzard that picked up. There wasn’t enough gear for everybody – very good that all 30+ who signed up didn’t come.

I found this very useful for me, although much more exercise is needed for proficiency.

Picture from ICM Joker site


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