dominating love-slave

Finally ALMOST done with my maps. So much easier this year cause I scanned the paper maps I bought using a much smaller dpi setting – only 300, but the end product turned out great. One mistake I made though. I bought a bunch of maps online and they’re fine although later i discovered an online source that lets you create pdf files of ALL the Switzerland at very high resolution. Those actually printed much better than the one’s I scanned and arranged myself. Could have saved some coin when had that source sooner.

The source is and it has about a ton of useful features. It can display mountain biking routes, canoe routes, walking and so on. You can choose the scale you want your maps to be in and you can go down to 20k ,which is very-very accurate. I made mine in 50k cause that’s accurate enough for me, has all the contour lines and doesn’t need that much paper to be carried. Also my other maps are in this scale. All together it’s 17 A4 sheets printed both sides. It replaces I think about 15-20 big maps (1m2) each. Much easier to carry, fold and use and if something happens to them it’s just paper. To keep them form elements I went a different way this hear using a hint by Andrew Skurka. Last year I laminated each sheet. That worked quite fine, but I this year I store all the maps in a big 28×40 ziplock bags and have another bag for the one I’m currently using.

Now all I have yet to do with maps is to trace the path out and mark the resupply points.


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