as innocent as a tumor

I came across this video about two weeks ago. And for two weeks I had it loaded and opened in my computer, knowing that I probably won’t like what I’d see. but still I kept it ready to be watched.  I had heard about Terry Pratchett’s illness, but was still extremely surprised. Mainly, because generally people don’t make public.. hard time to find a suitable word here.. “appearances” if you would. Then again, Sir Pratchett is no ordinary man. What you more often hear is that people, who discover that they have a terminal illness, set out to see the world, fulfill their bucket list and try to maximize the time left. They all seem to do everything not to think about the inevitable. Not to  set out on a journey to learn about the possibilities to “cheat” death… to go on one’s own terms and time, given the situation. Terry learns about possibilities  of assisted dying – a way that seems to be the best way out and about the experiences of the people of similar fate. And as he says in the end – he not sure if he would be capable of this. It can be very disturbing, ’cause you see a person taking his life. But it is also thought provoking. It probably raised enough debates on subjects like ethics and morality in even Youtube commentaries.

It’s by no means an easy piece to watch.

Terry Pratchett – Choosing to die


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