this involves a lot of shit and a big fan

Went shopping for my hike in June. As the prices are quite high in Sweden and even more so in remote huts I decided a long ago to get everything from home and send it to certain points along the route. I’ve calculated the daily distance to be 30km  so it’ll take 35 days. Possible re-supply locations are Kvikkjokk, Ritsem, Abisko and Kilpisjärvi. Some distances are longer than I like – on two stages I have to carry food for 9  and on three stages for 6 days. It wasn’t that easy to decide on the menu, but I tried to make it as light and nutritious as possible. The many might seem a bit monotonous, but I previous experience shows that I can handle it.

Breakfast is made up of muesli, which I have collected from MRE packages through the year. I don’t actually have all I need and might not get them, but then I’ll make some of my own.

No lunch, but snacks through the day. One Snickers per day and gorp made of raisins and two of the following – salted peanuts, walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts – and chocolate. Last year I found a chocolate mix in stores, but we don’t have that in Estonia. So I brought plain chocolate and broke it into smaller pieces. So daily package of gorp weighs 350 gr. It doesn’t have a lot of volume so I believe that I will feel an empty stomach in the beginning, but the calories should keep me going.

For dinner I’m having pasta mostly and vermicelli or wok noodles occasionally. For flavor I’m adding instant soups like Knorr.

When chance arises I’ll try to get some fresh fruits. To keep me motivated I have added treats, which will be eaten at 200km/h when I get my hands on them, to the resupply boxes. This includes sweets, cookies and potato chips.

So the daily food portion weighs around 750gr and packs about 3200kcal. I believe this to be sufficient ’cause the terrain is not so demanding as it was in the Alps. I believe that I’ll actually  move quicker also so I’ll have more food available. And I have some excess body fat too to leave on the trail. The weight is also low enough – 9 days of food adds only about 6,5 kg to the pack and it gets lighter by the day.

I checked the menu with a nutritional calculator on a fitness page and it seems to be quite well balanced too. It shows that most of the energy comes from the snacks through the day, but I consider that normal giving the routine I’m following. The fats, proteins and carbs are in balance also and fibers keep my digestion under control.

But after shopping I have four boxes full of stuff that needed to be sorted, repackaged and divided into destination boxes. That took about 3 hours with gorp being the most time consuming. While doing this I found out that I had miscalculated and had bought a little too much of nuts – about 800gr EACH, but that hurts only my bank account and can be used on future trips.

When I had organized everything I had some doubts if 9 days of food actually fits into the Pinnacle, but a test packing showed plenty of room.

All I have to do now food-wise is to get the remaining breakfast packages or make my own and then send them off.


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