I tend to avoid making New Years’ resolutions – or at least make them public, ’cause I’m just that kind of person. But, as was pointed out maybe it is easier to keep yourself focused when you HAVE openly declared that you will do or at least try to do something.

It might serve some purpose to keep it all secret and then come up victorious to bask in the admiration of others. But is that the reason that drives people to do great things?

But if we share – what great things might come of it? Would we receive encouragement and support? Maybe. Would we gain companions? Possibly. And if we happen to fail despite of our efforts? Could we be criticized? I think – never, by those whose opinion matters to us.

So here are my resolutions:

* Finish the last leg of Via Alpina Red Trail from Champex-Lac to Monaco

* Put at least 5000km of human powered travel behind me, be it cycling, hiking, running, swimming, skiing, paddling or something else. (Last year it was about 2800)

* Get out more with other people

* Two outings per month to places NEVER visited before

Anyone up for some resolutions of their own?


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