i’m the sponge-bob of my corn cob

Se these are some of  the best memories from hiking the Via Alpina this summer


On the morning of the second day I had just started a climb up to col Citrin. The trail was steepish, but fun. A big rock appeared and then a small fox cub playing near it.


And as it noticed me, it didn’t take off like any other wild animal would. At first I just stood there watching, but then slowly reached for my camera and managed to take some shots. After a while the cub disappeared from the track and I slowly continues. I made maybe a few steps before the cub appeared again, but this time there were two of them. This time they seemed a bit startled and went hiding a first, but then sneaked out again. I slowly moved around to get a better view and watched the play for a while. I saw a plenty of wild animals, but this was definitely the coolest. I also spooked a wild boar off it’s sleeping place and spotted a deer through the bush.

* * *


This place looked promising. Usually I hate walking on snow in the afternoon, because it’s always rotten and makes the feet wet and cold. But this place seemed promising ’cause of the shade. So down I go. And it was basically a swamp. Full of rotten snow and cold wet slush all the way through. Ankle deep at first, then shin and in the end I was literally balls deep in the middle of the thing. Feet got really cold. Not fun to do, but fun to talk later. At least there was a hut after all this waiting for me.

* * *

It had been a long day already, but lacked a suitable spot for the camp. So I pushed on despite it was uphill and going uphill means usually colder nights, BUT there was a hut again in not so far distance.


After awhile the fog started to creep in. The forest itself was quite open with old trees standing spaced apart and old leaves covered the ground in a thick layer. And it was dead quiet. No sound, no wind, no nothing. And slowly the fog gets thicker, but still nothing else moving. In an hour or so I start to hear cows, but those pass soon. Trail gets tricky to follow sometime and the gradient not getting any easier. I reached a pass on the crest of the hill with trees on the one side and emptiness on the other. Emptiness filled with fog. Magnificent views no doubt. And then the thunder starts. And the wind picks up. The crest is really open for the wind and it starts to drizzle. But it is not actually rain, because it happens only under the trees. My guess is that it is due to extremely high humidity and condensation.


I set up my tarp as taut as possible, preparing to spend a not very pleasant night. And the weather comes down quite hard on me just after 10 minutes I finished setting up my tarp. The San Remo hut is not very far – 5km max, but there is some ascent left and the weather would be even harsher on the totally exposed ridge. So I hunker down. It rained for about an hour and during that time I reached a decision to get to the hut when weather permits. That turned out to be an excellent idea, but luck also played a major role in the following events. As I started the ascent the weather cleared up and it turned out that I had actually very little way to go to reach the crest. And then the views were truly great.


Although a little bit clouded at some place, it made even more exciting view. And then a herd of horses appeared. Totally free to roam the mountainside.


They were curious, but cautious too, following me for a while.


Following the crest I also saw the mountain I had come down a week ago.


And the ridgeline itself divided into many lines, each leading to a different direction. When following the main ridge to west I could just barely make out the tiny pink dot that was the San Remo hut. Before reaching it there were some old garrison ruins and an altar.


Just at the hut I managed to get some dramatic shadows from the sunset on my camera.

* * *

I really hope to get some more similar posts written down soon, because there was plenty to tell about.


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