parachutes are overrated

About five days into the hike I passed another ski center – La Norma – but found it almost empty and totally closed down for summer. Near a swimming pool I found a somewhat level ground and set up my, `cause it wasn`t looking very good weather wise. I was almost ready to hit the sack, maybe writing about the day, when I heard some rustling nearby.  As the campsite was not very far from a steep cliff and therefore a bit exposed I had pulled the sides to the ground and therefore my vision was a bit impaired. But I lifted the tarp to see what was up and the were… three badgers passing by. Just like that. An evening stroll perhaps. Maybe eat something on the way. They didn`t seem to mind my presence as they continued walking and later on one badger approached my tarp from the other side. As the tarp is green, they probably didn`t think of it as something out of ordinary. Or they just couldn`t see me. Cool as hell anyway. Too bad I couldn`t get a photo proof. But I`ll give you a photo of a deer I spotted through some vegetation.


The Via Alpina Red Trail ends of begins in the Jardin Exotique in Monaco. Basically it`s a huge pile of cacti in the weirdest shapes and sizes. They go from all the way of being about the size of your big toe to a huge 4 meters high monster with branches like tentacles spreading everywhere. Some have leafs like platter standing on the side, some look like a bunch of big worms piling together. I strongly advise to go and see yourself if you`re in Monaco, but I`ll add a gallery of shots I took in the end of the post.


Capturing a chain of snow capped peaks reflecting in a lake has been a secondary goal all along. It`s always either windy or foggy or something else. But when you happen to pass a lake that is actually called Lac Miroir then it has to be perfect. And it was. As I walked along the shore some tiny creatures in the water escaped and caused ripples, but I think I got some great shots off.


via alpina `13 – IIIIII


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