6 feet of cleavage


As mentioned before my walk ended in Monaco. And there is this big Oceanographic Museum near the prince`s palace. It`s a very cool place. Lots on information about ocean studies, loads of artifacts, fish and animal skeletons, turtles humping on the roof and aquarium. I found the latter the most controversial. Of course it`s cool to see all those fish really close, but I soon noticed that most of the fish were just hanging there, barely moving with nothing much to do (I guess a 100L tank would be pretty boring to anyone after about 1 day). At that point I didn`t like the place so much. I understand the educational value of aquariums and zoos and so on, but after some diving in the natural habitat of the fish and seeing my share of underwater documentaries there is no other way for me than to see these places as unnatural. Haven`t see Blackfish yet, but I guess that it will only deepen my discomfort at these places. But I still recommend visiting the museum.


This other night I was sleeping basically under a old stone bridge by a stream. The ground was covered with the kind of stones you`d usually find in the bottom of a river, but it was dry and rather comfortable. I had done all my evening chores and tucked in for the night with a piece of sky and stars shining above me. And I soon fell asleep. I usually don`t sleep through the night and when I woke up at some point in the middle of the night I saw dozens of bright spots all around me. I was half asleep, but was sure they weren`t stars cause I could see that they were below the treeline. I tried closing and opening my eyes, but the spots were still there. At some point I thought that there must be something wrong with me – maybe something in the water I drank. Thrn I nticed th spots moving, some disappearing an others appearing. And Then I realized that these must be glowworms. I looked around again and all the trees by the stream were covered with them And I distinctly remenber thinking: “Very cool” and then falling asleep again. I reallly hope that these were glowworm `cause otherwise I should get my head checked.


Now this place also get`s a honorable mention.


I didn`t expect find a plain like this up on hill. And the lake.


It felt like a rolling prairie somewhere in the wild west. Very short grass, bigger hills in the distance. I now think that the thing that made this place special from the direction I came is the view I saw when I reached the other side.  You`d expect to continue along  the slowly descending field, but that abruptly comes to halt as you discover that the nature itself is destroying this field from the other side. And not in this mild slowly progressing grind, but I believe that a big piece of ground is washed away every single year.


And as a remnant a tall pillar of harder rock stands in the middle of the void.



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