how`d you know I´m here?

It`s a new thing. Skate touring.


The conditions have been great this year with long periods of cold temperatures and very little snow-fall. And I have been hearing the cheering for a few week now, so I gave it a try. I have been skating on the natural ice once, but that was on a bog pool and a  totally different experience.


Last Sunday I headed to Western-Estonia to skate on the sea. Our goal was the island of Vormsi, about 10km from Heltermaa. Although the sky was overcast at home and in Tallinn, when we got nearer to Haapsalu the clouds disappeared and gave way to bright blue skies and sunshine. At -10C the weather was perfect.




After getting a pair of touring skated fixed to everybody we were off. And it was really great going. Cars were zipping past along the yet-unofficial ice road, ferries were making their slower progress through ice and there were some skiers, bikers and snow-kiters enjoying the day too. The group made occasional pauses to gather everybody and have a breathers, but when on the move it was really quick. It took an hour to get to Vormsi, but I maxed my speed at 23km/h with very little effort. Road back was slower, because of headwind we again made some stops to chat and so on.



I found it really enjoyable, because ice-skating is probably the most efficient way of moving purely on human power. The friction is minimal and you can put more power into it using ski-poles. Because I was using bindings that can be used on any hiking boot and maybe hadn`t set them up correctly I had some minor problems with one skate. But I see myself getting a pair of skates that fit to my Salomon X-ADV6 boots and that should improve the experience.



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