you always scratch me at the wrong places


It is not very complicated to understand why one would choose Aland as a destination when the time is scarce but you need to get  away from Estonia. Aland provides plenty of tiny to bigger islands to take shelter in bad weather but also enough free water to enjoy some beginner-intermediate sea-kayaking. Multitude of islands and possibilities to plan a course will definitely provide reasons to come back over and over and if you`d add the Turu archipelago to the equation possibilities will triple.

My plan began with a short overnight ferryride to Mariehamn and the on my own power to paddle around the main island and the cycling to Helsinki. Ferry schedule in the Baltic sea is pretty good and therefore it doesn`t require much long-term planning and left me plenty of freedom to manage my time. (more…)


6 feet of cleavage


As mentioned before my walk ended in Monaco. And there is this big Oceanographic Museum near the prince`s palace. It`s a very cool place. Lots on information about ocean studies, loads of artifacts, fish and animal skeletons, turtles humping on the roof and aquarium. (more…)

parachutes are overrated

About five days into the hike I passed another ski center – La Norma – but found it almost empty and totally closed down for summer. Near a swimming pool I found a somewhat level ground and set up my, `cause it wasn`t looking very good weather wise. I was almost ready to hit the sack, maybe writing about the day, when I heard some rustling nearby.  As the campsite was not very far from a steep cliff and therefore a bit exposed I had pulled the sides to the ground and therefore my vision was a bit impaired. But I lifted the tarp to see what was up and the were… (more…)

breathe in the snowflakes

I’ve managed to catch some breath from work and actually sort, edit and so on all the pictures from the Via Alpina trip this year. More emotions from the trip are also on the way.

pictures here



i’m the sponge-bob of my corn cob

Se these are some of  the best memories from hiking the Via Alpina this summer


On the morning of the second day I had just started a climb up to col Citrin. The trail was steepish, but fun. A big rock appeared and then a small fox cub playing near it.


And as it noticed me, it didn’t take off like any other wild animal would. At first I just stood there watching, but then slowly reached for my camera and managed to take some shots. After a while the cub disappeared from the track and I slowly continues. I made maybe a few steps before the cub appeared again, but this time there were two of them. This time they seemed a bit startled and went hiding a first, but then sneaked out again. I slowly moved around to get a better view and watched the play for a while. I saw a plenty of wild animals, but this was definitely the coolest. I also spooked a wild boar off it’s sleeping place and spotted a deer through the bush. (more…)

the voice inside my head won’t listen to me

I’m kinda sorry that this took so long, but I managed to delete part of the post at some point and got a bit demotivated after that.

The last part of Via Alpina Red Trail began from Champex-Lac in Switzerland and ended in Monaco 22 days later. According to my calculations it was almost 700km, but the ascent/descent sums are too messed up on the guidebook so by my best estimation it’s around 40k up and about the same down. Average distance for a day was 31,5km and speed 3,5 km/h. It took 207 hours of walking. Several passes over 2000m highest of those over 2700m and many still covered in snow.

the red trail

the red trail


ready for a crime

I have finished walking the Via Alpina Red Trail. It took 24 days of hiking to get from Champex-Lac to Monaco. It was sometimes hard, but now it’s done. More to follow when I get back home.