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sounds of tomorrow came today

I find the first season of Game of Thrones lacking of something. It’s not the story, although it isn’t the original which I find to be one of the best things I’ve red. There’s just something not there that I’ve found to be so captivating in other HBO productions like The Pacific, Band of Brothers and Generation Kill. Maybe it’s just the adaption to a moving picture or maybe if connect more to the subject of those three latter series more. Even if you turn each book into a full 10 episode season you really can’t deliver that same feeling one can get from the books. Or at least the first season couldn’t. There’s just so many background information that can’t be brought onto the screen. Or maybe it’s the actors who fail to make it “real” for me. Should talk to someone who hasn’t read the book to get another opinion.

One thing I really found cool was in the last episode where Grandmaester Pycelle send the whore away and jumps into his “i can dunk from the 3-point line with my both hands tied behind my back”. I hope that this leads into something.