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not afraid of heights, weights or red haired women

reaching the shore

I managed to be active and complete some plans again. Since the winter is freaking awesome this year I had made plans to go out touring as much as possible. This weekend became free so I decided to head to Lahemaa national park and look around. I had sketched two possible routes and chose the one around the peninsula of Vergi.

As I’m lazy as can be then I hadn’t prepared the previous evening and didn’t wake ’till 9am. So after eating and making tea and picking up the boots from my office and shopping and driving to Võsu it was already noon and I got on the trail at 12:15. The first part was following a ski-path and ended near Altja after which I followed a smaller stream and reached the beach at 14:00. The sight proved to be worrying cause the bay was filled with pressure ice and that’s not very good for skiing. Fortunately near the shore the ice was even and smooth enough so I had to take only a small detour. Skiing was OK  ’cause there was also a thin layer of snow on the ice so it wasn’t very slippery. The pole tips could have been sharper though. Had the first break near Vergi harbor at 14:30. When continuing towards cape Pedassaare I had to walk for a kilometer or so ’cause there was no good way around the rough ice. Rounded the cape at 15:30. Occasionally the ice had built up wall, consisting of ice blocks looking like some construction details. The sun was getting lower also providing some decent shots.

When rounding the last cape the sun was setting and to my great satisfaction the ice far smooth until Võsu and made skiing very easy although I was getting kinda tired. When I reached Võsu it was already dark, but I had only a few kilometers to go to my car. Ended the hike at 18:45.

So it was fun. Weather was cold -15 to -20 but no wind and the sun was shining all the way. Should have started earlier and prepared on the previous evening, but still managed to finish at a reasonable time. So distance about 30km and time without pauses 6 hours.

I modified the ski-bindings and they held together well. Although not adjustable any more, but as I plan to use the same boots for skiing then it’s ok.