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think happy thoughts, private

An opportunity came up to get nice 2kg tench. You don’t see those around in supermarkets much and mine was caught using a harpoon. And as it was my turn to cook I tried again something from Jamie Oliver’s recipes – baked white fish with olives and tomato sauce. Preparing the fish was tricky ’cause I haven’t done it for many years, filleting I’ve never tried. Therefore I didn’t have a proper knife and used my Victorinox. The ending result was a bit ragged and I was surprised how little meat I actually got off the fish. I had red that the tench is covered with thick slime that’s not very easy to get off, but as it was in the freezer for a while and then thawed it came easily off under running water.

Although I didn’t have any real red chili and had to use powder the sauce got pretty spicy and good, but as the pieces of fish were kinda small they got a little lost in there.

And could have used some more material for the salad. Aside from preparing the fish it’s a really easy dinner to prepare.


ying fucking yang

Now for something completely different. I did some cooking the other day. I haven’t cooked a fish like in never, but I gave a go on with the Jamie Oliver salmon and couscous. Although I didn’t have real chili, coriander (used powdered spices instead), asparagus it turned out very nice.

Some notes though.

115gr of couscous makes a huge pile of it. Ill probably would go under 100gr next time.

Half a lemon’s juice was too much.

I used rather small tomatoes and therefore the couscous turned out a little bit dry.

Half a tablespoon of chili powder isn’t enoughto get the taste out, but if you use proper chili then it should be OK. I went carefully as I didn’t want to cause a fire in my stomach.